Frequently Asked Questions

The Michigan Tigers Futbol Club (MTFC) believes that player development is the key to long-term soccer progress. As such, all training programs are designed to provide each individual a foundation for success. More than 600 players on 38 teams played for the club in 2016/2017.

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Common Questions

Describe the program

MTFC holds player assessments (tryouts) each year in mid-June as required by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA,

We strongly believe in and support the use of small-sided games to promote player development. This means that our teams play the following formats:

Age Group


Size Field

U8, U9 & U10


40x50 yards

U11Y (U10 playing 9v9)
U11 & U12


60x70 yards

U13Y (U12 playing 11v11)
U13 and up


70x120 yards

Each game includes a goalkeeper; 7v7 indicates six field players and the goalkeeper.

MTFC fields teams of all skill and experience levels and seeks to place each player on a team that best matches his/her playing ability. Doing so ensures the best opportunity for each player to experience on-field success, while continuing his/her development and fostering a nurturing soccer environment. At the youngest ages, individual improvement outweighs winning and losing.

What are the criteria used for try-outs?
The staff will follow the guidelines set forth by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for age group expectations to evaluate players. The Evaluators will examine each player in "Four Components of Soccer" in an age-appropriate way:

  1. Technique: The ability to dribble, pass, receive, and shoot the ball under conditions of pressure. "Skill"
  2. Tactics: Decision making with and without the ball. "Speed of play."
  3. Fitness: Speed, endurance, strength, power, and agility. "Athleticism."
  4. Psychology: Mental toughness and competitiveness. "Coachability."

After evaluation, each player is offered placement on the team that the staff feels is consistent with his/her ability.

What if my child is injured or we are out of town during try-outs?
New players who are unable to attend tryouts may try-out at a later date provided roster space exists.

What is the difference between various area recreational programs and MTFCs Competitive Program?
Recreational programs are a good starting point for youth players, allowing for a fun and non-taxing environment at local parks and schools.

MTFC’s competitive program uses an all-encompassing year-round soccer curriculum and is taught by licensed and professional coaches. The commitment required in MTFC’s competitive program is larger in time and more intense in practice than local recreational programs.
How is the Competitive Program organized?
Teams are organized by age, gender, and skill level. Our goal is to offer every player an opportunity to play with and against similarly skilled teammates and opponents.

The season starts in mid-August and ends in June of the following year. MSYSA sponsors leagues in the Fall (Aug-Oct) and Spring (March-June.) Teams playing at the MRL, Premier and C1 levels will train and play year-round, excluding (if applicable) the player's high school season. Teams playing at MSDSL and WSSL levels will play in the Fall and Spring and have additional developmental training and/or game opportunities available throughout the winter.

League schedules consist of 8-10 league games and 1-3 tournaments (depending on age) each season.

How does a team determine which level they will compete in?
The Director of Coaching and Club Director, as well as coach input, aiming to place teams at a level appropriate for optimum player development, determine placement:

  1. U8-U12: Gold, Silver, and Blue teams (depending on the number of players) in MSDSL or WSSL
  2. U13-U19: Gold, Silver and Blue teams in MRL, Premier, or Classic 1, 2, or 3

When are games played?
Typically there are one or two games per week during the fall and spring, generally on the weekends.

When are training sessions?
Training sessions are held twice per week during the season with some exceptions due to league play. The amount of training varies depending on age, competition level, and coach discretion.

When does training begin?
Outdoor practices begin in mid-August for the fall season, and mid-April for the spring. Additionally, teams train indoors at WideWorld Sports Center throughout the winter.

How far does a team travel?
Teams typically travel to away games at locations such as Canton, Northville, Novi, and in some cases, Lansing. Our home games are played at WideWorld Sports Center and the Ann Arbor Airport fields.
Will my childs participation in your program guarantee my child an athletic scholarship to college?
We strive to prepare our college-bound athletes for accelerated levels of play, but in no way guarantee scholarships or placement at collegiate levels.  We are successful if every child develops a passion for the game and is able to compete at the highest level his/her commitment and ability allows.