Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan Tigers Futbal Club is to foster the development of local youth through the sport of soccer. We are dedicated to providing our participants with a fun, high-quality soccer experience that encourages sportsmanship and a love of the game through the development of player, coach, team and family.


Dedication: We value dedication to the club. Dedication means practicing at home, consistent attendance, punctuality and individual effort. A Coach’s time with the team is limited; technical proficiency can only be achieved at home through individual effort. The club can only achieve its mission through the dedication of its coaches, parents, and players.


Teamwork: The key to our club’s success is our ability to work with others. This entails our players knowing their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and their ability to translate this knowledge into success on the field. Our club is focused on developing good soccer players. We value teamwork over pure technical skill.


Sportsmanship: Our club stresses respect for others—peers, coaches, and officials. A player’s “coachability” and their ability to get along with others is just as important as the technical aspects of the game. Skilled players with good attitudes (and parents who are easy to get along with) are assets to any team. A player’s (and parents’) sportsmanship is a factor in determining team composition. We are ambassadors of our community: our coaches, players and parents interact with people from all over the mid-west.  Our club will protect our good reputation within the larger community.


Physical Fitness: We value strength, agility, flexibility, speed and endurance. Athletes should be athletic! Kids who are physically fit show their dedication to the sport and are an asset to their teams. We design our program to be physically challenging; however, parents and players are the only ones who control their level of fitness.  Coaches and parents should model good fitness.


Openness and Honesty: Our club’s purpose is to foster the development of our youth. We need to be open and honest with each other to achieve this objective. If members have a criticism or complaint about another member they need to have the courage to bring the issue directly to that individual.

Gossip and innuendo about issues are a detriment to our organization. Matters should be addressed in private and only with the people who have direct control over the issue. Be part of the solution.


Have the best coaches, best developmental training program, best support staff, and thus the best youth soccer program in the area. Become the premiere soccer club in the area by adopting the best practices of the most successful clubs in the region. Actively research and mimic successful youth soccer programs in other parts of the country.